FL (Inch) Closed Linear Plain Bearing

Closed Linear Plain Bearing

The closed style of linear plain bearing is ideal for handling loads in all directions and offers a number of mounting options.  

  • Inch, metric and JIS sizing options 
  • Designed for use with end-supported shafting 
  • Interchangeable with linear ball bearings and some bronze bushings 
  • Static Load Capacities up to 166,000 lb (740 kN) 
  • ID sizes: 4.76 mm (0.19 in) to 101.6 mm (4 in) 
  • Choose between standard ID running clearance (0.0005" per side) and compensated ID running clearance (0.0015" per side) 
  • Options for standard/straight OD or self-aligning/spherical OD to prevent binding 

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Closed Linear Plain Bearing

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