BSR Miniature Metric Ball Screw with Cylindrical Nut

Ball Screw with Cylindrical Nut

Cylindrical-style ball screw nuts allow for a more compact assembly design than their flange counterpart.  

  • Five metric sizes, measured in diameters x leads 
  • Utilizes a multi-liner ball return system 
  • Static axial load to 2.144 kN (482 lb) 
  • Ideal for applications requiring high precision and efficient linear motion 
  • Polymer wipers located at each end of the nut help prevent the ingress of debris and particulates 
  • Preload option for higher rigidity and better positional accuracy 
  • Screws are precision rolled to achieve lead accuracy and consistency over the full length of the screw

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Ball Screw with Cylindrical Nut

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