FL03 Aluminum Alloy Inch Self-Lubricating Linear Bearing Closed Bearing Diameter:0.19 inches Features: precision running clearance on the I.D. Linear Bearings

  • Simplicty bearings excel in environments with dirt, vibration, shock loading, cleanrooms, welding, foundry, and washdown situations where linear ball bearings regularly fail.
  • Highly accurate - all critical surfaces ground on precision bearing grinders
  • Closed linear bearing for 0.1875 in shafting.
  • Straight outer diameter.
  • Precision running clearance, 0.0005\" per side
  • Anodized aluminum shell with patented, self-lubricating Frelon J liner.
  • Frelon J - yellow material formulated to provide the optimum performance with 300 series stainless steel and softer shafting such as bare aluminum.

3D Models

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