BSR0601ASRU-0250-RSN-111-NNN-N with NEMA 11 Motor Linear Actuators

Elevate the precision and efficiency of your compact linear motion projects with this assembly from our specialized miniature metric ball screw series. It is perfectly matched with NEMA 11 motors and features a user-friendly flange-style nut, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring high precision in small spaces.

  • Integral component of the miniature metric ball screw series.
  • Diameter: 6 mm; Lead: 1 mm; Length: 250 mm.
  • Optimized for seamless operation with NEMA 11 motors.
  • Flange-style nut for straightforward, hassle-free installation.
  • Static axial load capacity up to 2.144 kN.
  • No preload standard, with preload option for those requiring higher precision.
  • Selection of machined journals and end supports.
  • Provided fully assembled, with the option for disassembly.
  • Customization options available to suit unique application demands.