MTB105D-2250-25L12 2250 mm Belt Driven Linear Actuator

MTB105D-2250-25L12 - MTB Linear Belt Driven Actuator Series

Driven to Excel in Larger Systems

The MTB105D-2250-25L12 is an advanced, high-speed, belt-driven linear actuator designed for extensive use in multi-axis, medium- to large-sized Cartesian gantry systems. This actuator boasts a substantial length of 2250 mm and features a male shaft of 25 mm diameter, mounted on the left side. It excels in supporting heavy payloads in high-demand settings.

Featuring a profile rail with runner blocks, this actuator ensures precise guidance with minimal friction, noise, and vibration. The anodized aluminum housing and stainless steel strip, sealed with magnetic strips, protect against contaminants, making it ideal for rigorous environments. Precision extrusions guarantee that the side and bottom surfaces are flat and perpendicular, ensuring precise and reliable installations.

Performance Benefits

  • High Acceleration, Speed & Rigidity up to 3 m/sec
  • Long Travel Length
  • Low Friction, Noise & Vibration
  • Strong yet Lightweight & Corrosion Resistant
  • Multiple Accessories & Options
  • Anodized aluminum housing and carriage
  • Steel reinforced belt capable of handling high loads
  • Ball guided rail system
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • T-slots for mounting and sensor mounting
  • Multiple drive configurations

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