bsr1002axru-0500-csn-nnn-nnn-n BSR Miniature Metric Ball Screw with Cylindrical Nut Screws

BSR1002AXRU-0500-CSN-NNN-NNN-N (10 mm, 2 mm, 500 mm):
This assembly stands out with a 500 mm length, maximizing the travel distance. With a 10 mm diameter and a 2 mm lead, it's tailored for applications requiring extended reach without sacrificing precision or load capacity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extended 500 mm length for maximum travel in the BSR series.
  • 10 mm diameter supports higher loads with exceptional stability.
  • The 2 mm lead ensures accurate positioning across longer distances.
  • Designed for reliability in challenging environments, featuring polymer wipers and a robust ball return system.
  • Adaptable to custom requirements with various end machining options.