BSR1002ASRU-0500-CSN-231-NNN-N with NEMA 23 Single Stack Motor Linear Actuators

Extend the capabilities of your compact applications with our versatile miniature ball screw assembly, designed for those who require the extended length without sacrificing the precision provided by NEMA 23 single stack motors, ideal for sophisticated, space-constrained setups.

  • Integral to the miniature metric ball screw series.
  • Diameter: 10 mm; Lead: 2 mm; Length: 500 mm.
  • Compatible with NEMA 23 Single Stack motors.
  • Compact cylindrical-style nut for minimal assembly size.
  • Supports static axial loads up to 2.144 kN.
  • No preload as standard, with an option for additional preload.
  • Features both standard and special machined journals.
  • Available fully assembled or as separate components.
  • Customization options available for specific requirements.