BSR0802ASRU-0250-RSN-171-NNN-N with NEMA 17 Single Stack Motor Linear Actuators

This precise and compact assembly from our miniature metric ball screw series is designed for integration with NEMA 17 single stack motors. Featuring a flange-style nut, it provides an efficient solution for linear motion requirements in tight spaces.

  • Essential to the miniature metric ball screw motor series.
  • Diameter: 8 mm; Lead: 2 mm; Length: 250 mm.
  • Tailored for seamless operation with NEMA 17 single stack motors.
  • Flange-style nut for straightforward installation.
  • Static axial load up to 2.144 kN.
  • Comes standard without preload; preload variant for better control.
  • Offers a variety of machined journals and end blocks.
  • Available assembled or unassembled depending on needs.
  • Customizable for specific application demands.