MTB055D-1000-12F12 Linear Actuators

BLT DRV MTB 55x55x1000 FEMALE 12

3D Models

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Category Details

Smooth. Accurate. Repeatable. Our lead screw motors, ball screw motors and linear motion actuators offer a wide variety of configurations where customers can select the rail height, bearing type, drive type and motor size, providing design flexibility with a wide range of features and benefits. 

  • Compact profiles as small as 28 mm x 32 mm 
  • Large actuators support loads up to 11200 N and travel lengths up to 6 meters 
  • Fully enclosed systems available 
  • We offer a wide range of linear motion actuators designed to fit applications such as automated conveyors, bottling machines, laboratory equipment and more

Product Dimensions

126300.00000000001 lbs2.19 in46.34 in2.99 in