BSR0802ASRU-0250-CSN-171-NNN-N with NEMA 17 Single Stack Motor Linear Actuators

Optimized for extended linear motion in tight spaces, this assembly is a crucial part of our miniature metric ball screw series, designed for those who require precision without compromise, compatible with single stack NEMA 17 motors.

  • Component of the miniature metric ball screw collection.
  • Diameter: 8 mm; Lead: 2 mm; Length: 250 mm.
  • Designed for single stack NEMA 17 motors.
  • Compact design achieved with cylindrical-style nut.
  • Capable of withstanding static axial loads up to 2.144 kN.
  • Standard no preload; option for preload to improve accuracy.
  • Machined journals available in fixed or floating configurations.
  • Provided assembled, with disassembled kits available.
  • Customization options for specific operational needs.