EPKC (Metric) Square Flange Center Mount Linear Ball Bearing

Square Flange Center Mount Ball Bearing

This is the double length version with a square flange located at the center of the bearing. 

  • ID sizes range from 8 mm to 50 mm 
  • Metric and JIS sizing options 
  • Static Load Capacities up to 15,900 N (3,500 lb) 
  • Dynamic Load Capacities up to 6,000 N (1,300 lb) 
  • Static Moment Capacities up to 399 Nm (290 ft-lb) 
  • Size interchangeable with industry standards and with Simplicity series 
  • Low Coefficient of Friction 
  • Heat treated alloy steel shell 
  • Resin retainer for reduced noise

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Square Flange Center Mount Ball Bearing

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