SDSZ (Inch) Simplicity Round Die Set Single Flange Mount

Single Die Set Flange Mount

Round Flange Mount Double Plain Bearings are the double length bearing version with the flange located at the center of the bearing. 

  • Only in inch sizes 
  • Offered only with a round flange 
  • Aluminum body with a bonded-in Frelon® liner 
  • Choose between standard ID running clearance (0.0005" per side) and compensated ID running clearance (0.0015" per side) 
  • Options for standard/straight OD or self-aligning/spherical OD to prevent binding 
  • Static Load Capacities up to 50,000 lb  (222,000 N) 
  • ID sizes: 1 in to 2 in

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Single Die Set Flange Mount

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