UGA Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

Ideal linear guide for contaminated environments and clean rooms, washdown optimized, the hard anodized aluminum prevents contaminants from sticking.  

  • Ceramic coated aluminum rail, standard anodized carriage with FrelonGOLD liner  
  • Low wear, high load capacities, and maintenance free operation  
  • Two-piece assembly facilitates a quick and easy integration into new or existing systems  
  • No metal-to-metal contact, which eliminates catastrophic failure  
  • Vibration damping and shock resistant  
  • Suitable for an extremely short stroke 
  • Low profile 24 mm (0.95 in) height for tight spaces 
  • Available in three carriage lengths: 100, 150, and 200 mm 
  • Rail lengths up to 3600 mm (141.7 in) 

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Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

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