PBC Linear Guides

Linear Guides

PBC Linear offers linear slides from three different families of products: Gliding Surface, Integral-V and Cam Roller Technology. Each product family has its own size, speed, temperature and load capabilities to fit a wide range of applications. 

  • Gliding Surface Technology:  
    • Ideal for maintenance-free applications in harsh environments 
    • Material: Ceramic coated aluminum rail, anodized carriage with FrelonGOLD liner
  • Integral-V Technology:  
    • Ideal for high speed/acceleration applications  
    • Material: Aluminum anodized rail with embedded hardened stainless-steel races 
  • Cam Roller Technology:  
    • Ideal for high speed and heavy load applications 
    • Material: Hardened steel or 440 stainless steel gothic arch rollers and shaft raceways

Linear guides are well suited for a wide range of linear applications such as medical precision devices, printers, gantry systems, material handling and heavy-duty industrial systems.