Flange Sleeve Bearing, PSFM0610-06

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Round Shaft Technology is comprised of both plain bearings that utilize Frelon liners, and linear recirculating ball bearings. Simplicity® Plain Bearings are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, and perform exceptionally well in harsher environments.  In contrast, ball bearings provide higher precision in long-stroke applications. The Roller Pillow Block provides key performance benefits such as high load capacities, high speeds, and design compatibility. These products in combination with our Simplicity 60 Plus® Shafting offer long life and high-performing shaft-to-bearing combinations. 

  • Temperature Rating: -4°F/+176°F (-20 °C/+80 °C), except Plain Bearing -400°F/+400°F 
  • Maximum Horizontal Static Load: 2,165-100,500 lb (982- 45,586 kg) 
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 8 m/s (315 in/s) 
  • Shaft Lengths: Up to 12 feet 

Round Shaft Technology products are ideal for printing, additive manufacturing, shock absorption, heavy duty cutters, welding machines and more. 

    Product Dimensions

    1 lbs0.55 in0.23 in0.55 in
    Simplicity Plain Bearing Overview
    Simplicity Plain Bearing Overview
    Simplicity 60 Plus Shafting and Bearing Matched for Performance
    Simplicity 60 Plus Shafting and Bearing Matched for Performance