IVTAAB-0450-000-A20A0-1 Linear Guides


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Integral-V™ utilizes high-speed v-wheel cam rollers that run along a precision-machined, anodized aluminum rail, eliminating mounting components and cutting assembly time in half. Hardened stainless steel races eliminate fasteners and reduce mounting components by 40%. 

  • Material: Aluminum anodized rail with embedded hardened stainless-steel races 
  • Standard Rail Lengths: Up to 3,650 mm (143.4 in) 
  • Maximum Speed: 10 m/s (393.7 in/s) 
  • Temperature Rating: -4°F/+176°F (-20 °C/+80 °C) 

IVT is ideal for contaminated environments and high speed/acceleration applications such as gantry systems, printers, palletizers, heavy duty lift systems and more. 

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