3.000" Double Roller Pillow Block

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Round Shaft Technology is comprised of both plain bearings that utilize Frelon liners, and linear recirculating ball bearings. Simplicity® Plain Bearings are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, and perform exceptionally well in harsher environments.  In contrast, ball bearings provide higher precision in long-stroke applications. The Roller Pillow Block provides key performance benefits such as high load capacities, high speeds, and design compatibility. These products in combination with our Simplicity 60 Plus® Shafting offer long life and high-performing shaft-to-bearing combinations. 

  • Temperature Rating: -4°F/+176°F (-20 °C/+80 °C), except Plain Bearing -400°F/+400°F 
  • Maximum Horizontal Static Load: 2,165-100,500 lb (982- 45,586 kg) 
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 8 m/s (315 in/s) 
  • Shaft Lengths: Up to 12 feet 

Round Shaft Technology products are ideal for printing, additive manufacturing, shock absorption, heavy duty cutters, welding machines and more. 

    Product Dimensions

    20 lbs8.38 in7.25 in5.7 in
    Roller Bearing Pillow Block Features
    Roller Bearing Pillow Block Features
    How to Adjust a Roller Pillow Block
    How to Adjust a Roller Pillow Block
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