• Steel rail
  • Cut-to-length rail only
  • Compatible with carriage part number CR20, CR30, CR45
  • 30 mm rail width

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PBC Linear offers linear slides from three different families of products: Gliding Surface, Integral-V and Cam Roller Technology. Each product family has its own size, speed, temperature and load capabilities to fit a wide range of applications. 

  • Gliding Surface Technology:  
    • Ideal for maintenance-free applications in harsh environments 
    • Material: Ceramic coated aluminum rail, anodized carriage with FrelonGOLD liner
  • Integral-V Technology:  
    • Ideal for high speed/acceleration applications  
    • Material: Aluminum anodized rail with embedded hardened stainless-steel races 
  • Cam Roller Technology:  
    • Ideal for high speed and heavy load applications 
    • Material: Hardened steel or 440 stainless steel gothic arch rollers and shaft raceways

Linear guides are well suited for a wide range of linear applications such as medical precision devices, printers, gantry systems, material handling and heavy-duty industrial systems. 

Product Dimensions

0.53 lbs0 in9.84 in0 in
Bearing Selection Criteria for Linear Guides
Bearing Selection Criteria for Linear Guides
Cam Roller Technology Overview
Cam Roller Technology Overview
Motion Control in Washdown Applications
Motion Control in Washdown Applications

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