UGT040-1500-0C1G00-1 ugt tall profile uni guide linear slide Linear Guides

The UGT040-1500-0C1G00-1 extends the utility of the Uni-Guide system further with a 1500 mm rail, providing even greater linear span in settings where space and environmental conditions challenge conventional solutions.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1500 mm length offers expanded linear motion capabilities within a tall profile frame.
  • 40 mm rail height ensures additional support and stability across longer distances.
  • Features the renowned FrelonGOLD® liner for exceptional wear resistance and load capacity.
  • Absence of metal-to-metal contact minimizes noise and extends operational life.
  • Precision machined for exacting alignment and ease of setup, contributing to time-saving installation.
  • Adaptable to rigorous conditions with its wash-down optimized and splatter-proof design.
  • T-slots and pre-drilled holes offer versatile and flexible mounting options for various setups.

Category Details

Two-piece assemblies equipped with FrelonGOLD® liner cr