UGT040-0400-0C1G00-1 ugt tall profile uni guide linear slide Linear Guides

The UGT040-0400-0C1G00-1 represents the innovative adaptation of PBC Linear's Simplicity technology into the Tall Profile Uni-Guide series, providing a robust solution for oil-free, smooth, and quiet linear motion. With a rail length of 400 mm and a carriage length of 100 mm, this model is particularly well-suited for applications requiring long-span rigidity within compact or contaminated environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • 40 mm height tall profile rail ensures enhanced rigidity over long spans.
  • Compact design with a 400 mm rail length suitable for various installation spaces.
  • FrelonGOLD® self-lubricating liner offers high load capacities, low wear, and maintenance-free operation.
  • No metal-to-metal contact allows for vibration damping and shock resistance.
  • Precision machined surfaces result in tight tolerances and superior alignment accuracy.
  • Angled rail design optimizes wash-down procedures, preventing buildup of particulates.
  • Easy drop-in replacement for industry-standard linear guides, ensuring product interchangeability.
  • Features like pre-drilled tapped holes and T-slots provide mounting flexibility.
  • Hard coat anodized rail is splatter proof, enhancing contamination resistance.