ML Miniature Linear Actuator Series

ML Series Miniature Linear Actuator

The ML Series are lead screw driven, providing the smallest and most compact line of linear actuators offered by PBC Linear. 

  • Car and Rail Cross Section: minimum 32 mm X 32 mm - maximum 40 mm X 58 mm 
  • Maximum Horizontal Payload: 200 lb (890 N) 
  • Maximum Stroke Length: 650 mm (25.6 in) 
  • Three models available:  
    • MLB – with integrated motor 
    • MLC – motor mount only 
    • MLD – hand driven knob or shaft 
  • SIMO® Process ensures precision mounting, accurate installation and lightweight composition. 
  • Lead screw driven system provides high accuracy and precise repeatability 
  • Multi-axis configurations

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ML Series Miniature Linear Actuator

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