HFA 3D Printer Extruder 3D Printing Parts

The HFA (High Flow Air Cooled) extruder that is the first in a new line of high-performance, high-speed extruders. Featuring quick-swap dual extruder head capability and independent control for speed and extruded material amounts.

  • They produce maximum output with high reliability
  • They feature a gear reduction transmission that prevents filament stripping and slipping
  • Their print resolution is down to 50 microns
  • They come standard with the 300 Series Workbench Pro and as an available upgrade option with the 100 Series Work Table and 200 Series Workbench Classic
  • Provide continuous duty cycle for commercial digital manufacturing environments
  • Available as a field-installed upgrade kit
  • Volume / Second:  35mm³/S
  • Volume / Hour:  7.7in³/hr
  • Nozzle Sizes:
    0.4 mm (minimum)
    0.6 mm (standard)
    2.5 mm (maximum)