• Ceramic Coated Aluminum shaft material
  • Consult factory for custom lengths

Category Details

A linear shaft formulated by PBC Linear® and designed specifically for optimal bearing performance – 60 Plus Shafting.  

  • Inch and metric sizing options 
  • RC60 steel, 300/400 series stainless steel and ceramic-coated aluminum materials available 
  • Offered as solid, pre-drilled, tapped  
  • Optimized surface finish  
  • Faster break-in and better Frelon® transfer for plain bearings  
  • Longest life possible, less down time, and maintenance  
  • Straight to within .001" to .002" per foot cumulative 
  • Available cut-to-length or full lengths 

Product Dimensions

2.95 lbs0 in39.37 in0 in
Motion Control in Washdown Applications
Motion Control in Washdown Applications

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