RRL34C-A2-019A-C0 19mm, Low Profile Redi-Rail Carriage, Rail Type: 4-Roller Flat Plate, Roller Type: Sealed Steel, Preload: Side Adjustable, Corrosion Resistance: Clear Anodize

The RRL34C-A2-019A-C0 carriage is designed to complement the RRL34R low-profile Redi-Rail, providing precise and smooth linear motion. Made from steel, this carriage is equipped with hardened steel gothic arch rollers and shaft raceways, ensuring durability and high-performance travel suitable for a range of applications, including material transfer and automation systems.

  • Made from durable steel, ensuring robust performance.
  • Compatible with the RRL34R low-profile ISO metric rail.
  • Features sealed double-row gothic arch roller bearings for reliable operation.
  • Ideal for precision linear motion within confined spaces.
  • Supports the system's capability to handle loads up to 489 N (110 lbs).
  • Works seamlessly within the compact 19 mm profile system.
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.