HVBEA-062 - Hevi-Rail Eccentric adjustable axial bearing Linear Guides

The HVBEA-062 is a key adjustable wheel component within PBC Linear's Hevi-Rail system. Designed to meet the challenges of heavy-duty industrial handling and movement, this adjustable wheel is pivotal for ensuring precise alignment and smooth operation in extreme load-bearing applications. It's an essential element for systems requiring variable configurations and is commonly utilized in sectors like steel production and heavy machinery.

  • Adjustable wheel component of the Hevi-Rail heavy-duty linear bearing system.
  • Size: 123 mm, specifically engineered for high-load industrial applications requiring flexibility.
  • Allows for precise adjustments to enhance alignment and system performance.
  • Capable of supporting significant static loads, with a radial capacity of 33.90 kN and an axial capacity of 10.60 kN.
  • Withstands extreme operating temperatures from -30°C to 120°C (-22°F to 248°F), ensuring reliability in various environments.
  • Compatible with fixed or adjustable side axial bearings, offering versatility for different system designs.
  • Made from durable 18MnNb6 carbon steel, providing longevity and resilience.
  • Part of the Hevi-Rail series designed for easy component interchangeability, enabling efficient maintenance and replacement.