CSMR15D-000-0080-1ZF-AGXR2-0 Linear Actuators

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The 300 series stainless steel lead screw with PTFE coating, allows the Compact Series Linear Guide actuators to adjust to many different applications with configurable bearing, leadscrew, nut and motor options. 

  • Car and Rail Cross Section:  23 mm X 55 mm 
  • Maximum Horizontal Payload: 1,202 lb (5,350 N) 
  • Maximum Stroke Length: 1,016 mm (40 in) 
  • Plain bearing or profile rail options  
  • Low and tall profile cover option 
  • Utilizes our self-lubricating and maintenance free Constant Force anti-backlash nut or standard fixed nut  
  • Integrated NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 motor or motor mount drive mechanism  
  • Manual hand knob or stub shafts available 

Product Dimensions

0.71 lbs0.64 in0.7 in0.4 in
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