Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 8 with RCF

Lead Screw Motor with Threaded Nut

The Lead Screw Assembly forms the perfect union of precision lead screws, nuts, and world class NEMA motors. This version offers a threaded nut lead screw. 

  • Screw length available in inch or metric sizes 
  • Available with standard or anti-backlash nut 
  • Optional left and right end machining 
  • Permanently fixed screw and motor provides the most accurate alignment possible from the factory, saving money and allowing for smaller size 
  • 30% more torque available 
  • Larger bearings allow increased thrust capacity and longer life 
  • Hollow shaft concentricity ensures minimum screw runout 
  • Preload on bearings eliminates axial play

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Lead Screw Motor with Threaded Nut

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